Discord Instructions

Download Discord

Discord is available to download from discord.com or app stores.

Once you have it downloaded to your device you will be required to set up account. This can be done by registering a new account on the welcome login page. You will be prompted to fill out the necessary details for set up. Make sure you verify your account by accepting the link sent to the email you provide.

For support with getting started click the link below to take you to the Discord support page:


Join a server

Now that you are set up with a user account you will need to join the AMA+ server to gain access.

The server is the hub that contains all the channels that AMA+ have created for users to enter and chat about the associated topic.

Option 1:

On your user page you will see the 'add a server' icon (example above). This is how you will add the AMA+ server. Click the add a server icon and you will be asked if you want to create a new server or join an existing server.

Select 'join an existing server'

You will then be prompted to enter an invite code. Enter the following code (Note: the code is case sensitive):


Once entered, click 'Join'

Option 2:

When you have a Discord profile, you can use the below address in your browser to be redirected to the AMA+ server invite page where you will be able to accept the invite and join.

For further help on how to join a server, refer to the following Discord support page:


AMA+ Server

If you have successfully added the AMA+ server you will see it identified on the left hand side of your user page by its logo (example left). When you select the icon you will be taken into the AMA+ server.

Verified Member

To fully benefit from the AMA+ server we have set up a verified process in order to understand the purpose of this community and agree to rules that have been set.

It is important that you read the #welcome and #rules section of the server.

You must then agree to the 'server rule agreement' by clicking on the green tick icon.

Once you have agreed to this then you will be a verified member and will gain access to the community topic channels.

Discover AMA+ Server

Now you have access to the AMA+ server channels, you are able to select and enter each and begin talking to other user members who are also within that channel.

Channels have been designed to be topic specific so users get a tailored experience by being able to talk about specific subjects.

The #general channel can be used for non-topical discussions and is a good way to start your time in the AMA+ server, by saying hi and getting to know other users.

Grow the Community

This platform relies on it's users to create a beneficial space for everyone to enjoy. The more members of the event industry we have joining the server, the greater the information sharing and networking we can all enjoy.

When the server reaches a high volume of users it will be recognised more within Discord itself and will provide a higher level of support and integrations from the app.

Please recommend the AMA+ server to your event friends and colleagues so we can grow this platform further.

Share the instructions page and invite link to individuals and on social media to support the growth of this community.