Breaking new grounds at major events

How generational trends are shaping the future for participating sports at major events.

14th October 2018

There has been many new sport competitions added to a major event schedule over its editions but not one that has captured my attention than during the current Youth Olympic Games being held in Buenos Aires. Breaking or what we best know as break dancing has been included into the event for the first time and has included an innovative way to compete for a medal.

The Youth Olympic Games not only gives the younger generation who are unable to qualify for the Olympics the opportunity to experience what it might be like for them to take part in the future, but also showcases the sports that are trending in this generation and becoming the sports for future major events.

With the emergence of E Sports and Drone Racing we are crossing the boundaries of our perceptions of sports and who we call an Athlete. As technology is more prominent in youth culture its understandable how this integration seems a natural progression.

What Breaking has done has introduced a modern dance sport to the mainstream sport competition and has also uniquely and for the first time ever made initial qualification for the event an online process:

What makes Breaking a strong contender for future acceptance into the sporting scene is its field of play can be held in natural locations of the host nation. As we can see from the Youth Olympics is that it can attract a crowd and can be hosted in inner city locations that can put the spectator close to the action giving a great sense of participation with those taking part.

I do feel that there will be a progression in introducing more unique and less known modern sports into event schedules. Not only does this sparks interests from something new but continues to encourage the younger generation into sports through keeping up with trends. Introducing technology with online qualification processes certainly provides wider accessibility for hopeful individuals to realise their dream.