london 2012 olympic and paralympic games

The London 2012 Games was the catalyst into the major sporting event industry for Martin and sparked the determination to fully development bespoke solutions for future events. Working at Eton Dorney a large outdoor venue with a site distance of 3.5 km presented wider operational challenges than to stadium style venues.

Operations on venue included the implementation of venue specific operational plans and efficient processes for the receipt, storage, distribution, ongoing supply and recovery of equipment.

In addition coordinating suppliers, Material Planning, Logistics Operations and other organising committee functions to develop an integrated supply chain to ensure effective back of house operations. This included the management of 30 onsite vehicles as well as water safety boats, umpire catamarans and Olympic Broadcast vehicles.

The Olympic Broadcast Service had a large operation on venue. There was a requirement to provide assurances for effective install and bump out of their compound under tight time schedule constraints.

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